Our Wish List

Welcome to the Hidden Farm, Inc. Wish List for 2017-2018!  As a family-run farm, our budget is quite small – there are many things that we have delayed purchasing outright due to sheer expense involved.  Some of the “smaller” ticket items include:

John Deere W660

Kubota Tractor, M Series  Mid Size AG 95 to 135 HP

Our biggest request  by far is our first major project:  the construction of 2,800 square foot community resource center in a post-and-beam Carriage Barn.  For photos on what the finished product will look like please visit our contractor’s page link:  http://www.thebarnyardstore.com/post-and-beam-barns/carriage-barn/.  The approximate cost of the barn to date is $300,000.   If you are able to assist in any way on or offline, please feel free donate to our cause.  From our family to yours, thank you!

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